Leaders often take themselves too seriously. Have you ever experienced what happens if a leader is on sick-leave, on holiday or switches jobs and consequently the team has to operate without their leader? Often this is the moment, when the team steps up, shows their true potential and proves that leadership can stand in the way. 

So it is time for the leader’s shift, a shift from fear to love – and by leader I don’t only mean the classical business leader, I mean everyone who wants to lead their own lives and take responsibility for their actions and words.

By becoming a leader of your life, you become the authentic creator of your life and start contributing to the world around you.


The leader’s shift

From fear to love

From control to trust

From barriers to possibilities 

From separation to connection

From managing to supporting

From expectations to appreciation

From outside focus to inner focus

From outcome / profit to intention / purpose

From projection to self-reflection 

From planning to experimenting


Soulful facilitation aims to bring together the souls of people, in order to build meaningful connections and serve greater purposes, whether in relationships, in partnerships or in the business environment. The requirements for soulful facilitation are:

  • The wish to connect with oneself and with other people from soul to soul, beyond all diverse aspects of our personalities
  • The will to look at oneself instead of looking at others
  • The openness to feedback, both positive and constructive
  • The wish to develop and grow with the support of others, even if it feels unpleasant at times
  • The belief that by changing oneself, everything else can change

Soulful facilitation can be used in groups and teams, as well as for the personal development of individuals, through an inner dialogue. It has almost no agenda and concept design, as it works intuitively with what comes up in the moment.

Resistance is not an enemy, but a partner of growth.

Have you ever wondered how you could build partnerships in which everyone involved makes it a first priority to support each other in their personal and spiritual growth? Soulful partnerships are based on the intention of supporting each other out of love for the human being and the potential of their unique souls they carry. Their function is to support and challenge you at the same time. They are not like friendships, in which you seek out comfort and approval of your thoughts and feelings. They are also not like co-workership, in which you focus on the aspects of your work, to try to find the best solution in the outside world. And they are also not like relationships, where you project your own thoughts and emotions onto the other person. They go beyond all the stories and drill down to the essence within you, to enable the development of your soul.

So you can practice soulful partnerships with anyone – your partner, your family, friends, or co-workers. The only condition is that all parties involved must decide to do so, and make growth their first priority.

Upcoming workshops as an introduction to soulful partnerships 



If you want to combine your self growth with a real treat, join one of our soulful retreats. On our soulful retreats we nourish our mind, body and soul with the following ingredients: 

  • Regular meditation practice 
  • Regular yoga practice
  • Nature walks 
  • Silence
  • Freshly cooked, healthy food
  • Aesthetic luxury accommodation 
  • Impulses for personal and spiritual growth
  • Peer support through soulful partnerships 

When it comes to travelling, you may have experienced vacations after which you feel rested and energized, whilst after others you actually need another break to recharge. We have tested certain spots and locations, which allow you to travel soulfully. You will thereby experience:

  • Places that touch your heart and soul 
  • Boutique hotels/ small houses away from mass tourism, allowing you to enjoy yourself in a small group
  • Locations surrounded by nature, allowing your whole system to relax
  • Staff, delivering high customer orientation, knowing how to make you feel welcome
  • Fresh and healthy food, nourishing your body 
  • Offers, connecting mind, body and soul