About the founder

Angela Zinser is a founder, business and people lover, facilitator and leadership and organizational development expert. 

In 2013 she founded The People Network – an agile self-organized international network -offering sustainable development on an individual, team and organizational level.
Angela herself works as a member of the Steering Circle, Customer Manager, Consultant and Facilitator for The People Network. She is also leading the trainer and purpose coach education offered by TPN.

She is a certified Systemic Business Coach, agile organizational development consultant and an expert in „Soulful Leadership“ (leadership that is supported by the soul instead of the ego). Her passion is to support business leaders, teams and organizations in becoming more self-conscious & mindful (aware of their own thoughts and feelings) to be able to choose acts based on their soul instead of their ego.

She is offering interventions and journeys for people who have chosen to dedicate their lives to their own personal and spiritual development. Whether it is workshops, educations or retreats – Angela fascinates people through her ability to feel what is needed for each individual to grow and fulfill their highest potential. She inspires through her own vulnerability and openness to share while being to the point and clear about her and others’ learnings. And she is a role model through her own willingness to learn and grow day by day.

When you become still and truly listen to the whisper inside of you, you can feel your soul speaking to you.

What made her who she is today?

Angela Zinser was born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1983 and considered herself a “blessed girl”, while she was growing up. The universe always had her back. She was successful at school and university, but also in her free time, as a professional dancer. Her life could have continued like this…

…but in 2006, while Angela was still studying Business Administration, her younger brother Rico died in a car accident. On the one hand this day was one of the darkest days of her life, if not the darkest day of her life, and yet on the other hand it was also the moment, when she began her journey of personal and spiritual development. She started to discover deeper insights about life and death, the soul and why we are here – our soul’s purpose. This curiosity about “all that is” inspired Angela to read tons of books, participate in workshops and further educate herself. She learned from inspirational teachers like her mother, Tom Andreas, Alan Seale, Connirae Andreas, Matthias Varga von Kibed, Gary Zukav, Tony Robbins, John Assaraf, Bahar Yilmaz, Jeffrey Kastenmüller and many more.

After her studies in Germany and staying abroad in the US, Colombia and Spain, Angela started her corporate career and joined a high potential graduate programme at Vodafone Germany. Throughout her next two years she gained experience and expertise in various business areas like Recruiting & Employer Branding, Brand Management, Corporate Strategy, New Business Development, Sales and Marketing followed by her first leadership position in Customer Experience at the age of 27, which made her the youngest leader at Vodafone Germany. However, she realized that everything she thought would make her happy and fulfilled, did not. So she found herself in a phase of self-discovery, looking for her true passions, inner motives and (in the end) her soul’s purpose. She realized her deepest motivation being the development of people and, as a result, took a role in global leadership development, which led her to London.

In this role she was responsible for the development of Vodafone’s top 80 high-potential leaders from 22 countries worldwide. She worked together with lots of service providers in the consulting, training and coaching industry and was surprised to find out how often they weren’t actually implementing what they were teaching in theory, and how little time they took to really understand the business need before offering a truly customized solution to it. Based on this experience Angela gained the ambition to leave the corporate world and started working as a coach and trainer herself. By exploring other training and coaching institutes, Angela realized that only few companies really walk the talk and live what they teach to their clients. She was missing organizations who truly see the potential of their people and divide responsibility amongst colleagues, instead of trying to give it all to one leader, who holds the power. She was missing real cooperation on eye-level based on trust and fair payment. And she was missing the feeling of entrepreneurship while working for somebody else. By going through this sometimes really painful experience, Angela started to develop a vision: A vision of an self-organized and global network of people working in the development industry.  A trustful community that cooperates and co-creates with shared responsibility and a passion to truly understand and serve both clients and experts in the network. What started as a vision became reality and since 2013 ‘The People Network’ is carrying out the mission to create the best fit between customer needs and the competencies and passions of the diverse pool of development experts in the network by “creating impact together” (The People Network’s mission). In 2017 Angela and her colleagues of The People Network started the dialogue about ownership in The People Network. They are currently in a transition phase where they committed to the principles of ”Steward Ownership”:

  • Principle 1: Profits are only means to an end, not the end in itself: Profits serve the purpose of the company and are therefore reinvested into the business or donated to social projects (and won’t be paid out).
  • Principle 2: Ownership means entrepreneurship: Decisions are only taken within the company. Thus responsibility and accountability remain within the company which means that the company can’t be sold.

At the same time Angela is transferring her own stakes in the company to further colleagues of the network so that in the end the people who shape the business own the business.

Founding and co-developing this network, Angela always aimed – and still aims – at supporting the full potential of this organization serving its purpose to the highest standards. This is asking everyone associated with TPN to not let themselves be ruled by their fearful parts, but rather by their loving and trusting parts of their personality. Short: Following their souls and not their egos. Because changing the world around you starts with changing yourself. And even more than that:  

Sharing your own struggles and being vulnerable makes you an inspiration to others on this journey of consciousness.